How do YOU rock “Rocksgiving”
It wouldn't be the holiday season setting in for your Q103 Rock Girl without travelling for a music-related event, and this post Thanksgiving period of mine has so aptly evolved to be called "Rocksgiving."  I credit the name "Rocksgiving" to a station co-worker of mine, after I w…
ICYMI: Green Day Drops First New Song in 3 Years
Just in case you were too busy spending time with your family, eating, and opening gifts to get on the internet on Christmas Eve., Green Day delivered BIG for the holidays dropping their first new song in three years called "Xmas Time of the Year!"
The 12 Days Of Christmas, Day 5 (Video)
On the 5th day of Christmas, Q103 gave to me, 5 Onion Rings, to the face, if they had given me 5 Golden Rings I would of opened my mouth, so I could swallow them and keep them.
I have been smashed in the face with food and beat in the head with a phone for Christmas, I don't know if these gifts are f…
The 12 Days Of Christmas, Day 4 (Video)
On the 4th day of Christmas, Q103 gave to me a phone, not a smart phone, or a cell phone and not even a cordless phone, but a corded phone.
I am both happy and proud to receive this gift from Q103, because I am pretty sure that I am the only person in America, receiving this gift, and it went straigh…
The 12 Days of Christmas Day 2 (Video)
"The 12 Days of Christmas," is a very confusing song, because it begins on "The first day of Christmas," the song counts up to the 12th day, at the beginning of each verse but suddenly begins counting down, or is it just listing the gifts given on each day in reve…
“I Am Santa Claus” (Video)
Netflix and chill to this hidden gem, "I Am Santa Claus" is a documentary featuring Mick Foley, and 4 other professional Santa Clauses, and once you see it, you can not un-see it, because the life of a professional Santa Clause, is not all milk & cookies.

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