The Grinch Vs. Rudolph – Q103 Cage Match
The final four of our Christmas Battles are here, and in the first match up we have the battle of the classic TV specials.  Rudolph versus that loveable Grinch.  So who moves onto the final round?  Vote now!
Metallica Christmas Light Display 2011 [VIDEO]
Santa and his reindeer better have the devils horns in the air when they get to this house on Christmas Eve.  Check out this bad ass holiday light display synchronized to Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'.  Supposedly the display took over 30 hours to perfect.
Worst Christmas Songs Of All Time – BJ’s Picks
Christmas time brings us some of our favorite songs, and at the same time drops some pretty big turds on us. I'll never understand how some of them get played every single year, but there must be some jerk out there that likes these songs. I'm glad the days of every pop singer in the wor…

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