hoffmans playland

Latham’s Lost Landmarks: Hoffman’s Playland (VIDEO)
On a early Spring night in 2002, my friend Kevin and I drove around Latham aimlessly before deciding that we would determine where the heart of Latham is. We found ourselves in the parking lot of Hoffman's Playland.
In search of the heart of Latham, Kevin and I asked, "What is something…
Hoffman’s.. Excuse me, Huck Finns Playland
When it broke last year that the iconic Hoffman's Playland would close its gates for good I must say I was hurt.. However when earlier in the year it was made public that Huck Finns Warehouse and literally more had purchased the rides the park had homed I was ecstatic.
Hoffman’s Playland Rides Saved?
It's no secret. Huck Finn's Warehouse and More wants the rides from Hoffman's Playland. They're ready to invest most of the $1.8 million dollars it would cost to move the rides. There's even financial aid on the table, $650,000 combine worth of grants from the Industrial Dev…
5 Things To Do While On Vacation In The Albany Area
It's official- VACATION!  Let me tell you, I feel like I've needed to take a week long break for about 10 months but whatev, my ass is out like a light.  One thing though. I spent so much time feeling the excitement of not coming to work that I completely forgot about activities and such. Let's face…