Veterans Day (Video)
It's Veterans Day, and I am always conflicted about how to go about celebrating, so I consulted the History Channel on YouTube for answers.
Informative, but I am still conflicted, because the way I like to celebrate holidays, is by watching a holiday appropriate themed movie...
Happy Columbus Day
Today is the day that we celebrate discovering something that was already there, and take full credit for discovering it, so that people can make movies about you, write books about you, and give you, your own holiday.
A year and a half ago, I discovered Q103...
Another Best Of 2014 Video
It is now 2015 and has been for a couple of hours, I know that you all missed me and that I have not posted since 2014 and for that I apologize. Just in case anyone missed all of the compilations of what happened in 2014, or just in case you forgot already, although you just lived through it. Here i…

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