harold camping

10 Jokes About the Rapture
So, the rapture is coming. Again. Yup, Harold Camping — the preacher whose prediction the world would end this past May 21 — now says the apocalypse is set for Friday, October 21.
So, make sure your checkbook is balanced, you’ve turned off all the lights and filled your dog’s bowl with water. But, if…
The World Will End Tomorrow: 2011 Apocalypse Take Two
Crazy christian radio host Harold Camping failed more than once at predicting the end of the world.  His latest fail came earlier this year when he was sure the world was going to end on May 21st.  That didn't happen, so he revised it and says that tomorrow, October 21st will be the e…
Rapture Man Suffers Stroke
After another failed rapture, and then a bit of a reschedule it seems that either bad luck or the hand of God has stricken Harold Camping.
Rapture Fail
Saturday May 21st 6pm came and went, we are still here.  Was it a hoax or another failed prophecy?  Are you relieved or dissappointed?  What will happen to Harold Camping and his many followers?   Where does this rank with the other failed dooms…