M.I.A Flips Off The Camera During Halftime Show [VIDEO]
It looks like they gave M.I.A a little too much creative room to cover because she decided to sneak in a middle finger during her performance at the Super Bowl.  It's very quick, but she for sure flipped off the camera.  Is it really a big deal though?  There could have been way …
8 Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows [VIDEOS]
During Sunday’s Super Bowl, Madonna will take center stage for the halftime show. She’s working with the famous acrobat troupe Cirque du Soleil on a concept for the gig, but only time will tell if it’ll fly — or flop.
With that in mind, let&CloseC…
Guns N Roses Reunion Rumors
We've all heard the rumors,  all the members of GNR have denied it.  Axl tweeted recently absolutely no way. Was it all a ploy to lead us away from the most recent rumor that makes the most absolute sense?