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Who Do We Really Want At The Halftime Show?
I hate Katy Perry. In my opinion there has not been a Super Bowl Halftime Show worth watching in years. There was that one year when the WWE had the Foley vs The Rock at halftime on a different station, but that does not really count. Watching the Puppy Bowl or the Kitty Bowl at halftime does not co…
Rumor is Van Halen To Perform At Super Bowl XLVII
The boys of Van Halen have postponed their recent summer tour because they say they are tired. Speculation is that the band is not getting along. However all postponed dates are supposed to be rescheduled, and when that happens Eddie Van Halen says something special will happen. The something spe…
Madonna to Perform at Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show?
Will Madonna finally perform at a NFL Super Bowl halftime show? Speculation is that she is the front runner to perform at Super Bowl XLVI, held in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  Nothing at this time has been confirmed and the NFL has yet to comment.