How To Stop Democracy From Being Hacked – Tech Thursday
And so we close the book on another Presidential election. Most of the stories reported were about the long lines in Florida, and what states were trending to which candidate. Then there was the story about a software engineer that discovered that the voting machine he was using, was registering vot…
Is That Text Message From a Hacker? – Tech Tuesday
It was revealed last week that there is an inherent security flaw in the way a SMS message, more commonly known as a text message, can be sent with a reply to address different from the address that sent it and you wouldn't see it, thus sending a reply to someone entirely different from whom it appe…
Tech Tuesday – North Korea is Hacking Games for Money
Our kookey friends north of the 38th Parallel are at it again. First it was their own distribution of Linux called Red Star, which I did download and install. But I couldn't use it because it was in Korean. Now, Kim Jong-Il is having people hack games to make some real world cash.
Tech Tuesday – The Sun Hackers Are Now Getting Hacked
It happens from time to time. One hacker group hacks another. It's like a virtual drive by shooting. But this time, it's a little different. Rupert Murdoch's News International has been hacked by the hacking group LulzSec, who have hacked the CIA and the FBI to name a few.
Tech Tuesday – What’s The Hacking Problem?
I took a little time away from the computer this past weekend for the holiday. Spent it with the family and had a great Memorial Day. But when I get back there is another story about someone getting hacked. This time it was the home of Bert and Ernie, PBS, being hacked. Why PBS? Who did Mr. Suffelup…
Tech Tuesday – Roll Your Own Android Tablet
Tablet "computers" are the new fashionable rage in the tech world right now. Everyone wants one of those mobile computing beauties for getting work done or just surfing the web. Here's a way you can turn a plain old Nook e-reader device into an Android based tablet.