Town Justice Arrested For Shooting Shotgun In Neighborhood
Let's take a stroll out to Princetown, NY: A small town in Schenectady County. Princetown is a place where everyone knows everyone, where a small town vibe is evident and the  judge was just arrested for shooting off his shotgun in public. Wait, what??
Politician Offers Free Shotgun In Campaign [VIDEO]
This is the most brilliant way to get a vote since that time Lisa Delvico offered everyone in my school a free can of Surge if they voted her for student council. Steve French is a candidate for Alabama Legislature, and believes he found a clever way to attract people to his campaign.
Oregon School District Repeals Gun Ban
Crazy times we live in now. With the country battling multi-frontal wars, both within and outside our borders. It's very hard to categorize today's issues as black and white. This has forced us to live in a grey world.

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