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Crazy Superbowl Bets
The Superbowl is finally here.  Kickoff will be around 6:30pm.  Who won the coin toss? Did they defer or not, whatever decision was made somebody bet on it and won or lost.  Here is a look at some of the crazy things one could bet on for the Superbowl.
The Odds Of A Lambeau Leap In Dallas
The first Lambeau Leap happened Dec 26th 1993 vs. the Raiders. Reggie White recovered a fumble and gave a lateral pass to LeRoy Butler who ran it in for the TD and then leapt towards the fans who helped pull him up the rest of the way. Since then it’s been done many a times,
No Cheerleaders
A Superbowl without CHEERLEADERS!!!  Superbowl XLV with the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers may be the first in Superbowl history without cheerleaders on the NFL sideline.
Championship Sunday Picks
So here we go into the final four of the NFL. Who do you like? I always like to throw my two cents in. So I’ll pass that on and you can either go with, or against me.