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Grand Theft Auto V Comparison Video – PS3 vs PS4
The folks at Digital Foundry have posted a YouTube video that compares the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto 5 to the upcoming PlayStation 4. Based on the video, GTAV will be a whole different visual experience on next-gen consoles.
Terminator 2 Chase Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V
Los Santos, the home city of Grand Theft Auto V, isn’t an exact copy of Los Angeles, but it’s pretty close. Close enough for YouTube user John Chapman and his friends to faithfully recreate a classic movie scene set in the City of Angels. Check out the famous truck chase scene from &ap…
GTA Online Business Update Adds New Weapons, Rides and Clothes
The newest additions to Grand Theft Auto Online will encourage more corporate takeovers in the world, but the kind that start with semi-automatic fire.
Rockstar Games has officially announced that the Business Update will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online next week, and it's going to offer a …

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