Goat Fills in For System Of A Down Song [VIDEO]
This video, posted on eBaum's World, isn't relevant or timely. It won't teach you anything, and it isn't a shocking secret somebody in 'the industry' doesn't want you to know about. It is however, hilarious and I can't explain why.
Woman Makes Goat Noise While Assaulting News Crew
With today being Halloween, might as well highlight the worst costume on the planet. I mean seriously, lady in Washington D.C., if you're going to be a goat for Halloween, it's imperative that you dress up or it's not going to make any sense.
Shocking Baby Goat Changes Your View On Goats [VIDEO]
Before my arrival to Albany, someone called me a “Goat Humper." I’m not really sure why that was their insult of choice. Maybe it was a self conscious thought on themself and they decided to use it to attack me. Regardless the reason, I proved the world I was NO GOAT H…