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Gas Prices to See High Spike in Coming Days
We've seen high gas prices over the last few years; the high ones and the lower ones that we make ourselves believe is a "deal". Well, be prepared - Gas prices are expected to see a sharp spike in the coming days.
Where is the Cheap Gas?
Tired of paying high gas prices? With the average price for a gallon of gas getting close to going over $4.00 a gallon, we are asking you to help us and our listeners find the cheap gas in the Capital Region. Throughout your travels around the area if you see cheap gas tell us and you could win $5…
How Do You Deal With High Gas Prices? [POLL]
Gas Prices are out of control again.  Analysts are saying to expect more than $4.00 a gallon very soon and $5.0o a gallon over the summer.  Rock-a-Holics take our poll on how you deal with high gas prices and earn points to win a $500 gas card!
Irene May Cause Gas Prices To Drop
Yes, you read that right. I was rather perplexed when I heard that this morning too. Basic instincts would to be to imagine higher gas prices after a natural disaster. But they say no. Gas is priced to supply and demand.
Gas Pumps Are Trying To Rob You
And I don’t just mean with the price of gasoline. As you know, every time you use your debit card, you have 2 choices. You can either use it as a debit card, or a credit card. If you’re smart you’ll always use it as a credit card, as often ti…
Gas Prices to Drop by Summer
Analysts are saying gas prices are going to drop just in time for summer vacation.  We could see a drop at the pump by as much as 50 cents by June.  It's about time.
How To Battle Rising Gas Prices
This is 30 something days in a row that gas prices have gone up. I remember my dad asking me a while back if the gas prices were affecting my commute to work, and I said “What am I going to do, stop driving to work?” He suggested maybe living somewhere that was a lit…
$4 A Gallon For Gas
New York has now joined five other states, we are now paying $4 dollars a gallon for unleaded gasoline.  Many are not happy about it - when are we going to stop complaining and have our congress or government put a stop to all this?
Gas Boycotts — Unrealistic and Can Make Things Worse
Every time there is an increase in the cost of gasoline my inbox and Facebook become flooded with people inviting me to boycott buying gas on a certain day. Most people do this based on an emotional reaction and rarely think if it’ll actually have an impact, let alone a negative one.

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