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More On Fuller House (Videos NSFW)
I said that there would be more about Fuller House from me, and I am an American of my word, in fact I went took it to the stage and voiced my excitement in public.  Included is my original post about Fuller House, enjoy!
Stephanie Tanner All Grown Up [VIDEO]
Little Stephanie Tanner has all grown up on us, and all ol' Monte can say is - DAMN!  Earlier this week, Jodie Sweetin, who grew up in front of our eyes on the sitcom, Full House, turned 30  years old.  After seeing recent photos of the former child actor, I had to wipe the drool…
John Stamos To Replace Charlie Sheen?
After hearing the news that Two and a Half Men, starring Charlie Sheen, would be cancelled for the rest of the season, the chances of the show actually ever returning seemed grim. Things might be looking up, however, as CBS may have a replacement, and it's Uncle Jesse, er, I mean John Stamos.