Music Friday Songs for August 1
Each Friday, “The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show” replaces its regular “back-with” music with songs from our own music collections.
They can be anything, from corny mash-ups, rock, country, mid-Michigan '70s butt rock or anythin…
California Beauty Ackley – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet Ackley, a Californian Suicide Girl who digs skateboards, knows her amendments and listens religiously to NPR. While this babe is certainly worthy of sinking your teeth into, be careful, she lists "Santa Clara vampires" as one of the things she hates.
Don’t Break Any Mirrors Today- It’s Friday The 13th!
Watch out for black cats, ladders, broken mirrors and anything else associated with superstitions or Friday the 13th, because it's just begun! Don't forget about the hockey-masked psycho serial killer who might be lurking in the bushes outside your house or hiding in your closet. OK, I'm just kiddin…
Viva Italia! Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet Janette, a 24-year-old SuicideGirl from Italy. She loves a new pair of shoes, tattoos, and art. On the flip side, she really doesn't like to be told "no," so be careful.
You can check out photos of her and find out more about her after the jump.
New Joe Stunt Friday
Word from the show is that once again Producer Joe will be taking to the streets and testing the patients of the elderly.

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