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Dalton’s Karateoke With Wayland [VIDEO]
Karateoke is a lot like regular karaoke but with more “hi-yahs” and kicks. The guys from the band Wayland stopped by the Q103 studios and I decided a traditional interview was way to cliché and boring.
Who Does Your Personal Grooming? [FBHW]
Everyone has their own grooming practices.  Some people will only groom visible hair, others will completely remove all the hair from their bodies.  Cosmopolitan recently published an article claiming that a lot of a man's grooming is conducted by a girlfriend or spouse.  They stated that 49% of wom…
Massive Blow Delivered In Lingerie Football League
The Lingerie Football League is still hanging in there, even after changing their name to Legends Football League. One reason might be hits like this. When you have two athletes hit each other like Los Angeles Temptation's Ashley Salerno did on Chicago Bliss' Allie Alberts, you comman…

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