Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger Coming to Albany
Robert Englund, the actor known for his role as Freddy Krueger in the A Nightmare on Elm Street horror movie franchise is coming to Albany.
Real Life Freddy Krueger Born On Halloween
If you are about to have your first or seventh child, when it comes time to pick a name for that child, you have to put much consideration into that name. Some parents go with simple, mostly common names while others like to go above and beyond with not-so common names.
You have to be careful of what…
‘Final Girl’ Horror Movie Tribute
With Halloween tomorrow, I'm sure you've watched a horror movie or two leading up to the holiday. There are many "stereotyped" characters in the genre, including the dumb blonde who falls when she runs, the first to die black, etc. One big stereotype in the genre is a rol…
Monte’s Top Five Movie Villains [VIDEO]
Today, I watched G.I. Joe on the tube and found it hard to buy Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bad guy.  I mean, c'mon - guy was in Angels in the Outfield.   So, I thought - who are the best movie villains of all-time?
Happy Birthday Freddy Krueger [VIDEO]
As a child of the eighties, the name Freddy Krueger still scares the hell out me!  Today, the man who donned the metal claws and invaded our dreams turns 65.  Happy birthday to Robert Englund.