‘Terra Nova’ Cancelled By Fox
After just a half season, and some big ratings, FOX has decided to pull the plug on the Steven Spielberg produced sci-fi drama.  So why did they decide to kill off 'Terra Nova'?
Fox To Cancel ‘House’ This Spring
After eight seasons, Fox has decided to pull the plug on the series 'House' this spring.  In a statement released on Wednesday from the show's executive producers, and star Hugh Laurie, "The producers have always imagined House as an enigmatic creature; he should never be the last one to leave …
American Idol Premieres Tonight – Sneak Peek
The 11th season of American Idol starts tonight. Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson all return as judges. The season begins with the auditions usually considered is the best part of the show.  The question is will anybody still watch this season?
Five Things ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted
After more than 20 years and nearly 500 episodes, the Simpsons have seen and done just about anything you can think of (much to the chagrin of the ‘South Park’ kids).
In fact, in their ongoing quest to make fun of anything and everything, our favorite Springfield residents have …
‘The Simpsons’ are Safe, For Now
This week, things got pretty ugly between the main voice actors of The Simpsons and production company 20th Century FOX when they asked them to take an almost 50% pay cut.  Now it seems that the beloved animated family will go on, for now.
Exclusive Clip of FOX’s ‘Terra Nova’ [VIDEO]
One TV show that has had a lot of hype is Terra Nova which premieres tonight on FOX at 8pm.  It's a 2 hour premiere and it is expected to deliver huge ratings.  I have been very much looking forward to this show since I saw a preview for it in the spring.  This is an exclusive cl…