‘Glee’ Renewed for Seasons 5 and 6!
Well, this is an odd play for the Trade Federation. Just as 'Glee' fans began holding their breath for FOX to complete negotiations for a fifth season of the FOX musical hit, word has broken that the broadcast network has instead opted for a whopping two additional seasons. Seasons 5 and 6…
‘The Cleveland Show’ Cancelled at FOX…Or Not?
Curious, and conflicting news to report from FOX's third Seth MacFarlane-created Animation Domination staple 'The Cleveland Show,' as heavy rumors seem to be circulating about the show's cancellation. The current, fourth season will wrap up this coming May, with a production cycle that would very sh…
Meet the Man Behind ‘Family Guy’s’ Peter Griffin
One thing that was missing from the 2013 Oscars ceremony was Peter Griffin -- although, that might have been a good thing. Seth MacFarlane has summoned his 'Family Guy' persona many times before in public appearances, but when he hosted the Oscars this Sunday, he managed to restrain himself. However…
American Idol Finale Has It All Tonight
American Idol's big finale is tonight and will feature the usual mix of legendary artists and current pop stars, as well as several tributes to the big names in music we've lost recently. Aerosmith and Rihanna are among the many that will perform tonight. Who do you think will win?

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