Lingerie Football League Goes (Down) Under
Recently, the LFL announced it would forego the 2012 spring-summer season in the US so it could help promote the organization internationally and to build buzz for LFL Canada’s debut in the fall of 2012. The league also indicated the US division would resume play in 2013...
Tim Tebow Traded To The New York Jets
Just a day after learning that Peyton Manning would be joining the Broncos, Denver has shipped their former starting quarterback nearly across the country to the New York Jets.
How Did We Forget All About the Lingerie Bowl?!? [PICTURES]
In all the craziness of Super Bowl, hot cheerleaders and buttless dresses, we somehow failed to notice that the Lingerie Football League had its championship game over the weekend.
In a brutal final game, the hot girls in lingerie beat the other team of hot girls in lingerie by a final score of a lar…

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