Sex Games: NFL Playoffs Edition
Last year, around this time, I was babbling about how not to kill your partner during the playoffs, and what kind of things to do to keep the fire alive when you'd rather be watching the game. These are important things to know for those of us who are involved with someone who's not a foot…
ESPN Shows Scrabble Board With Dirty Sexual Language
ESPN was doing a feature on Alabama Offensive Lineman Barrett Jones - he is an accomplished violinist, and really good at Scrabble. They showed photos of him playing Scrabble as a child but if you look closely at the board they showed something a bit graphic.
Victor Cruz Is Making His Pro Bowl Bid
New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is a spokesperson for Timewarner cable. If your an advertiser and choses to use a football player to represent your company, Who better the a Probowl player? So with the help of Timewarner cable, Victor Cruz has put togeather a couple videos "showin…

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