Drone Footage Of The Capital Region (VIDEO)
This drone footage of Albany displays our city in all of its glory to what sounds like music from one of the "Final Fantasy" games.
I like drone footage because I am not a Real Estate Agent and I am not concerned about my privacy, I am trying to break into the entertainment industry and I w…
Bigfoot Discovered? [Video]
A man in North Carolina claims that he got exclusive footage of the mythical creature running across a road in Charlotte, but I don't know if I buy it.
New Captain America Footage [Video]
Marvel teased us with a short trailer for the upcoming Captain America film during the Super Bowl.  Since then we haven't seen much.  Until now.  Entertainment Tonight aired a full one minute of unseen footage from the movie. Thanks to Kyle for the tip on this one!
Amazing Tornado Footage
Could it be more apparent that the end of the world is coming?  First we have the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and now tornado's in Alabama.  This is footage from a surveillance  cam at a hardware store.  You can see the people see danger coming, then some flashes and whe…
Old Spice–Behind The Scenes [Video]
We have all scene the now infamous Old Spice commercials, but have you ever wondered how they make all the magic happen?  A whole lot goes into the 30 second pieces which, in my opinion, are hilarious.  Look, I'm on a horse.
Amazing Space Shuttle Launch Footage
Talk about having a great view!  Some passengers on a flight from Orlando got a great view of last weeks launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery blasting off. One lucky person was even lucky enough to get the whole thing on tape.

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