Florida Loves Wrinkles (Video)
Florida continues to make America interesting, Florida gave America: Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Jeb Bush, Randy Savage and now Wrinkles the Clown.
I am not creeped out by Wrinkles, I think that he is a lovely clown, with a lovely voice, I think that he should be on "The Voice"…
Meanwhile In Florida (Video)
Florida continues to be America's most interesting state, this time a Florida man shows us how to fight vampires, by dancing on top of a cop car. If knew that, I could of danced on a cop car every time there was a new Twilight.
Meanwhile, In Florida (Videos)
Florida, America's punchline. It is the flattest state in America and home to our most interesting citizens, like a man high on meth and car surfing. Is meth one hell of a drug? or is Florida one hell of a state? It's a small world after all.

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