Capital Region Lands on List of Towns With Most Murders
The Capital Region has had a couple towns land on a list released by newyorkupstate.com focused on murder.  Now, I'm someone who is addicted to true crime stories, murder documentaries, and the Justice Network, with a secret far-fetched dream to work for the FBI (even though…
Pipe Bomb Removed Near Railroad Tracks in Capital Region
In a now resolved solution, the Daily Gazette has reported that a three-foot long PVC pipe bomb was found nearby railroad tracks in Ballston Spa.  As reported by the Daily Gazette, authorities were tipped off by the Canadian Pacific Railway Police, and the bomb was deemed safe and rem…
Albany Area Terror Plot Results In Two Arrests By FBI
The FBI, operating out of Albany, has arrested two men in connection to what they are considering a terror plot, one in which the men were allegedly trying to build a device to kill specific people with an instrument that was designed to emit radiation.
FBI Releases Photos of Suspects in Boston Bombing
Late Thursday afternoon (4/18) the FBI held a press conference regarding the bombings at the Boston Marathon which occurred in Boston on Monday. Here is the latest information that the FBI released to the media regarding this act of terror.
Dougherty Gang Car Linked to Troy [VIDEO]
The Dougherty Gang, the young fugitive siblings from Florida who shot at police officers, robbed banks and led the FBI on a search that ended in a high speed chase in Colorado are linked to the Capital Region according to WTEN.   The fugitive's getaway car was registered to an address…
Roswell Not A Hoax?
A recently-discovered Top Secret FBI file has been released proving that flying saucers and alien bodies were recovered in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.  Does this mean the Roswell incident is not a hoax after all?