What Is Your Catchphrase?
On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played the Catchphrase Game, Free Beer would name a sitcom and the rest of the guys had to say all the catchphrases from each show, it made me ask myself if I ever had a catchphrase?
What Hot Wings Thinks Live From Saratoga Race Course [VIDEO]
Hot Wings shared his thoughts on the automotive industry during What Hot Wings Thinks live at Saratoga Race Course. I asked myself what compelled him to talk about the automotive industry, but then remembered that he is from Michigan, home of the husk formerly known as the city of Detroit. Watch Wha…
Free Beer And Hot Wings LIVE At Saratoga Race Course [PHOTOS]
It's Friday, which means we're all already excited for the weekend. But this is no ordinary Friday, it's a Free Beer and Hot Wings live show Friday from Saratoga Race Course! We'll be here until 10 AM with the guys, and you can check out photos from the show in the gallery below.

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