What Should The Capital Region Not Smell Like?
In Pendleton, Oregon, recreational marijuana will be legal starting in July, so the city council has banned marijuana odor in public, because it's offensive. A concerned citizen then wrote the city a letter, requesting that farts be banned as well, because they are offensive.
Public Restrooms
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show Eric Zane went number 2 in the ladies room, because there was someone in the men's room and he did not want them to smell the furry. As Mr. Zane exited the restroom he warned a woman what she was about to walk into.
New Underwear Filters Out Your Farts – Shreddies
We've all been there one time or another: you have to let a "silent but deadly" go but you try to hold it in so no one knows it was you. Those days might be long gone soon thanks to a new underwear line that can actually filter out your farts.
The Definitive List of Types of Farts
It will one day be acceptable to admit to the world that you enjoy your own farts. No longer will you have to hide the fact that you secretly smell, classify and rank the “air from under there.” The only thing you haven’t done is name them.