New Underwear Filters Out Your Farts – Shreddies
We've all been there one time or another: you have to let a "silent but deadly" go but you try to hold it in so no one knows it was you. Those days might be long gone soon thanks to a new underwear line that can actually filter out your farts.
Indonesian Province Have Banned Women From Farting
For the most part, ladies are modest when it comes to bodily functions. I know my girlfriend hates to let one rip in front of me, she claims it's not "very lady-like." Well, for whatever the reason I kind of appreciate it because I think I openly pass enough for the two of us (LOL).
Be glad…
Do Birds Fart?
We need to know the answer to this question. What if you plan on getting one for a pet? or plan on becoming a chicken farmer? Worry no longer, we have the answer.