Bible Camp Fart Spray Prank Sends Six To Hospital
There are three things bible campers are good at, boondoggle, fart spray pranks and feeling guilty. According to a story from the daily mail 6 teenagers had to be sent to the hospital when a prank went a tad bit wrong. One camper had a bottle of “Liquid Ass” and sprayed i…
Did Hitler Get Coked Up And Fart Everywhere? [VIDEO]
According to some newly released medical documents, record shows that Adolf Hitler had a bit of a drug problem.
Skynews.com has reported that the Nazi dictator and caterpillar mustache enthusiast, Adolf Hitler regularly used cocaine. This news is not surprising; everyone knows it’s ex…
British Dentist Fired For Flatulence
When you go to the dentist I am willing to bet most of you aren't expecting him to pass gas while he's cleaning your teeth.  That's just the surface of this crazy dentists problems.