Pearl Jam Let Superfan Create Set List
Nearly every music lover has dreamed of meeting their favorite group before a concert and being asked if they had any special requests. Pearl Jam have done even better than that. For their June 27 show, they chose a longtime member of their fan club and had him create the entire set list for the per…
Hot Packer Fans Brave Cold To Cheer For Team
I am never surprised by how dedicated fans are, but these woman must have some think skin, literally.  When grown men playing football are wearing special gear to keep warm, you have to give an old tip of the hat to these brave women.
Five Finger Death Punch Thank Fans For New Album’s Success
I recently reviewed Five Finger Death Punch's newest album, American Capitalist, which was released about three weeks ago. Since then, the record has gained a ton of well-deserved positive attention and reached career highs- selling 91,000 copies during its first week, and also debuting at No. 3 on …
Why Do We Cling So Tightly To Sports?
Sports are one of the most important things in society, but why?  It seems like such a ridiculous thing, but besides your family and your job I am willing to bet the next thing you care about is your favorite team.
Tips to Stay Cool in Heat
The next couple of days around the Capital Region are forecast to be HOT.  Temperatures in the 90's with humid conditions.  Here are some tips to stay cool from what to wear to what to do.