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Favorite Alan Rickman Quotes (VIDEO)
British actor of film and theater, Alan Rickman passed away today, it doesn't matter whether you remember him from the "Harry Potter" movies, or "Die Hard," because you always knew it was Alan Rickman, from his voice.
Alan Rickman, was one of those actors that never disappointed, …
Homer and Peter Wash Cars
Washing your car in the winter is very vital, It prevents rust. I have a sinking suspicion that is not what Homer and Peter were doing this for.
10 Best ‘Family Guy’ Quotes
Characters as offensive as those on 'Family Guy' are bound to make for some memorable dialogue. Peter's idiocy alone could fill volumes. We've parsed it down to these ten funny quotes from the show, because we had to set the limit somewhere. Enjoy!
10 Greatest ‘Family Guy’ Look-alikes
What's it like to go through life looking like a well-known cartoon character? Luckily, most of us will never know. But these unfortunate individuals all have the dubious distinction of looking like characters from 'Family Guy.'
Bring Brian Griffin Back to Family Guy Online Petition
Well, that didn't take long.
Many were upset after the gruesome ending to Brian Griffin's life on Sunday night's episode of Family Guy. Let's face it, no one saw that coming a million miles away.
Was it a plot twist to grab ratings for the remainder of the show's season? Was it actually time to move o…

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