Is It Fall Wardrobe Time Yet?
The temperature is starting to go down in the Capital Region but it does not bother me because real men don't get cold they just chill, but when is it time to break out the Fall wardrobe?
Something To Look Forward To
Summer is over, it's never good till the last drop because no one likes a crybaby and the more you hold onto the summer the less you will be prepared for the fall, but don't worry here are some things to look forward to.
Fall Is Coming Way Too Quick
Summer is a time to cherish. Being in August, we should also be mindful that fall is literally a month away and to quote Peter Griffin that is really grinding my gears.
See Madonna Fall Down
See Madonna fall down and laugh at her expense. Laugh at her with your friends, co-workers and family. It is fun to laugh at the misfortune of annoying celebrities, especially Madonna, but the question is; What was the greatest celebrity fail of all time?

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