New Year Resolutions that Have Already Failed
We are officially two weeks in to the New Year.  Many resolutions were made, the same as with every other New Year.  And despite being only two weeks in to 2018, many resolutions have already failed.  I'm not sure where you stand with yours, but here's a few of the failures …
Shame On Kanye (Videos)
Kanye West attempts to cover 'Bohemian Rhapsody', at the Glastonbury Festival in England over the weekend, because the audience petitioned to have Kanye removed from the show, was this pandering to the crowd or a slap in the face?
Failure Unleash First New Track in 18 Years
Cult underground trio Failure have just released 'Come Crashing,' the band's first new song in 18 years! It's been an extremely long wait, but 'Come Crashing' does not disappoint. In fact, the song beautifully represents the triumph of Failure's comeback.
Too Much Time On Their Hands
These guys spent years designing constructing a gigantic yo yo in hopes of going down in the record books.  They even got help and invested interest from a big engineering firm.  At the big moment though, things do not go well.