Man Shoots Himself In The Face With A Slingshot
Got to love technology.
With all these crazy videos we find on the Internet, it's becoming harder and harder to be shocked or impressed with all this craziness. So when a guy brutally blast himself in the face with a ball-barring shot from a slingshot, we have to check it out.
Referee Delivers Suplex To Boxer [VIDEO]
This video is rather confusing to me. I love a good test of the official’s power to blow up in some dudes face but I’m really not sure about this video. It seems likely that if some tubby slob got too big for his own good
Giant Sumo Wrestler Gets Owned [VIDEO]
This is hands down the best sumo wrestling video you will see all day. Never has that giant white dude ever been picked up off his feet without the assistance of a fork lift. Can you imagine walking around all day hearing the earth shift beneath your feet because you are literately that fat...

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