Fail Compilation

Another Best Of 2014 Video
It is now 2015 and has been for a couple of hours, I know that you all missed me and that I have not posted since 2014 and for that I apologize. Just in case anyone missed all of the compilations of what happened in 2014, or just in case you forgot already, although you just lived through it. Here i…
Because Other Peoples’ Misery is Funny
This one comes from the Fail Army it claims to be the "Ultimate" compilation of fails but there is no mention of the Latham Circle Mall. Because other peoples misery is so fating let us enjoy these fails, and a pretty cool anti bullying PSA.
Epic Fail Compilation for August [VIDEO]
We're nearing the end of the month, which means there has been an entire month of people failing at things in a spectacular fashion. So drink in this video, filled with the very best fails of the month of August.