Your Date Stalked You On Facebook
When you meet someone new or finally get a date with the person you've been after, have you ever had the urge to "Stalk" them on social media? You know, to find out a little more information about them, their friends, family, etc. Think it's kinda stalker-ish, even creepy…
Thief Caught Because of Facebook
When it comes to social media, seems like people want to post every little mundane fact about themselves in hopes of the world will give a crap about it. There are times where it can help and become important; like when thieves post about their exploits only to be caught because of doing so. This ca…
Man Demoted Due To Facebook Post
Let the opinions fly on this one. A guy in Britain got demoted at his job due to a Facebook post concerning gay marriage. Adrian Smith said that churches should not allow gay weddings and that they're "an equality too far".
MySpace To Come Back Thanks To Justin Timberlake
Remember MySpace?  Before we had mega social media hits Facebook and Twitter, we all used this thing called MySpace.  It was HUGE.  Now, today, with roughly one billion less users than Facebook, some of us have never even heard of the page.  Enter music mogul Justin Timberlake. &…

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