Awesome Workout Or Horrible Fail? [VIDEO+POLL]
Who goes to the gym? I have to admit, I cannot answer with yes. In fact, my idea of exercise is walking to and from my car at a rapid rate of speed. Trust me, with man boobs like mine, I know I need to get in shape sooner rather than later.
Can Exercise Eliminate Depression?
We all know working out is good for our bodies — but did you know it’s good for our emotions, too?
New research shows exercise may very well be an effective treatment for depression, especially among those with heart problems.
Free Beer and Hot Wings Talk About The Cult Of CrossFit [FBHW]
Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane talked about an article on Gawker that bashes CrossFit. Everyone seemed to be pretty familiar with the new fitness phenomenon; Zane even said that he did it on a regular basis these days. But no one actually defended CrossFit against any of the attacks leveled by Gawker…

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