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Eric Zane’s Encounter With A Giant Turtle [VIDEO]
Eric Zane of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show has been called many things.  Jerk, immature, selfish, douche bag, humanitarian?  Yes, despite his childish ways turns out Eric Zane has a very soft interior.  While on a bike ride he happened upon a big turtle in the road.  He …
What Eric Zane Does During Commercials [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered what goes on during the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show when the guys are at a commercial break?  Well wonder no longer, because Producer Steve has given us an exclusive look behind the scenes at what Eric Zane does.  Big surprise, it involves his but and a bone.  It's not what…
Zane Does Classic PA Prank At Orlando Airport [VIDEO]
It's been a long time since the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show has busted out a PA prank, but they decided it was time while they were flying back from Daytona.  The place, Orlando International airport.  The pranker, Eric Zane.  The name?  Bud Vugger.  You can just…
Eric Zane’s Other Gig – Hockey PA Announcer [VIDEO]
Many of you know that Eric Zane from the Free Beer & Hot Wings show as the guy who doesn't have a filter, but did you know that he is also the PA announcer for his home town minor league Hockey Team too?  Check out this quick montage that shows him hard at work at his other job.
Zane Beats Navy SEALS in Pull Up Challenge [VIDEO]
Everyone knows that Eric Zane is the king of exercise, so the US Navy SEALS decided to challenge him to a pull of competition during Q-Ruption at SPAC.  Zane himself was looking for a bit of redemption after being beaten by the Marines in a pull up competition a while back.  Mr. Ten dug de…
Eric Zane Heckles Rival Radio Station [VIDEO]
One thing can be said about Eric Zane of the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show, and that's the fact that he has no filter.  A rival radio station learned that while the show was on the road last week in Traverse City, Michigan.
Win $6000 Next Week On Dumber Than Zane Trivia
Every week, listeners attempt to beat Eric Zane from the Free Beer & Hot Wings show in trivia to take home the cash.  Each time Zane has prevailed. Either he is really good at trivia or we are just dumb.  Next week it's your chance at $6000!
Zane Wins Again!
It took Mike from Jersey eight years to get through to play.   It took 4 questions into Dumb Off for him to lose.  Zane continues his streak winning Dumber Than Zane Trivia.  Next Thursday at 8:30a you'll get your chance to win $4000!
Zane’s A Quitter
With 5 days to go to pay off a Super Bowl bet, Zane gives up and shaves off his moustache.  He claims it was a good reason, the rest of the show doesnt.
Zane Is King Of Trivia Again
Eric Zane from the Free Beer & Hot Wings show, takes on listeners in useless trivia knowledge every Thursday morning outwitting them most of the time and today was no different.