Guy Calls Police When Pizza Delivery Is Late [VIDEO]
I can think of no other way to deal with a tardy pizza then to call the police. I would call the FBI or president if I had their numbers but the police is all this guy could think of. Check out this call from a dude in Manchester who was not happy with the amount of time he was forced to wait for a …
England’s Goalie Really Wants His Ball Back [Video]
England took on Italy in the first round of the World Cup over the weekend.
As time was winding down Saturday in Manaus, Brazil, England found itself down 2-1. After a free kick by Italy deflected off the crossbar and out of bounds, England's goalie, Joe Hart, was pretty anxious for his goal kic…
The Virginmarys Discuss New Music And Farm Animals [VIDEO]
The guys from The Virginmarys stopped by the Q103 garage to play a small closed off acoustic session. Before the music started they were nice enough to let me take a few moments to get to know them. Coming from England Ally, Danny and Matt had a lot to say about the difference between the UK and the…
Teen On Drugs Cuts Off Own Penis
A 19-year-old in England got all hopped up on “meow meow” and went slice-happy with a knife. First he attacked his mother and he turned his attention towards the problem in his pants.
Drunk Dude Passes Out In England And Wakes Up In Paris
I’m pretty sure this is pretty much the same plot as “Taken 3.” Getting drunk in one city only to wake up in another is like modern day time travel.
Nineteen-year-old Luke Harding of Manchester, England is a perfect example of this fun but expensive event.

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