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Watch Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscars Monologue
The 2014 Oscars, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, started off with a bang. The comedienne, who previously hosted seven years ago, took the stage and immediately made it her own. Like any host worth her salt, she took the material given to her and blended it with her own specific persona, giving the teleca…
Local Guy Trying To Dance His Way Onto Ellen [VIDEO]
It's no news that day time talk show host Ellen DeGeneres likes to dance.  Apparently she is now daring fans of her show to dance for a chance to actually be on her show.  Local guy Ian is trying his hardest to both dance and get on Ellen.
Jon Cryer Finds Work
With all the drama associated with Charlie Sheen, I think we have forgotten about his co-star Jon Cryer.  With Two and a Half Men Cryer is out of work, but he has found new work as a temp for Ellen DeGeneres.