E-Cigarettes Are Marketing Through Student Scholarships
Now, this is something I would’ve never realized! A News 10 abc article caught my eye this week about E-cigarette companies offering scholarships. The catch when reading the article it seemed is that they are offering scholarships as a way to promote their brand..…
Work Day Distraction Reaches SUNY Albany
Congratulations to Tracy and her coworkers at the Univeristy of Albany Graduate Education office!  They won last week’s Work Day Distraction- including tickets to see over 1,500 rods, classics, trucks, and muscle cars, and live music...
Capital Region Towns Among the Most Educated in Upstate New York
Kudos Capital Region - you got brains!  A trending post on listed the 50 most educated towns in Upstate New York.  Among the Top 50 were multiple Capital Region towns, including:
Troy coming at #45
Scotia coming in at #32
Colonie coming in at #28
Albany at #19
Saratoga Springs at #4
A f…
DREAM Act Passes Assembly, Moves To Senate [POLL]
New York's DREAM Act is one step closer to becoming reality as it was passed by the Assembly on Monday for the second time. The Act now moves to the Senate where it was shot down back in February.
What is the DREAM Act? Who benefits? Is Cuomo pushing for it?
School’s Out Forever – In Troy
A charter school in Troy will be closing down due to the result of new exams. The Ark Charter School, which has given opportunity to many children who have been considered less fortunate, will most likely not be an option for them any longer.

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