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‘The Naked Gun’ Returns With Ed Helms in the Lead
Ed Helms is slowly but surely turning into the face of rebooted films from the '80s. The 'Hangover' star has already signed up to lead a new reboot of 'National Lampoon's Vacation,' and now he's decided to step into the shoes of the late Leslie Nielsen to headline a 'Naked Gun' reboot for Paramount.
The First Clip From ‘The Hangover Part III’ is Here
After an early marketing campaign that did everything in its power to hide plot details, 'The Hangover Part III' has started revealing its secrets at a rapid-fire pace. First, there was the recent trailer that finally let us in on the plot of the film. Now, we have the first clip, which sh…
The Hangover 2 Trailer
Finally we get a glimpse at the sequel to The Hangover.    It is scheduled to be released on May 26 and the whole cast is back together.  Mike Tyson is back to make another appearance and this time Bill Clinton is even in the film.  I can't wait!  Enjoy the teaser trail…