Harry Potter Saved Florida’s Economy
It was once the state whose name we dare not speak but thanks to Harry Potter it looks like Florida’s economy is booming.  Yahoo reports on the tourism increase in the state of Florida and how it has to do with the Harry potter franchise...
Make 50K Selling Candy
Some people complain about not being able to find a job, while others set out and create their own job. Do you think you have what it takes to make 50K a year? How about making 50K a year selling candy?
Horse Meat Soon For Sale In US
We have steak, lamb, and pork but apparently the regular meat options are no longer a viable source of nutrition.  Soon horses could be slaughtered in the US for the sale of their meat.
Gas Boycotts — Unrealistic and Can Make Things Worse
Every time there is an increase in the cost of gasoline my inbox and Facebook become flooded with people inviting me to boycott buying gas on a certain day. Most people do this based on an emotional reaction and rarely think if it’ll actually have an impact, let alone a negative one.