Happy St. Patricks Day (VIDEO)
Today is one of the biggest party days of the year, a day when we feast and drink in honor of Saint Patrick and my favorite competitive eater Matt Stonie will show you how to celebrate St. Patrick's day like an American!
Yummy! but please don't try this at home, don't try any type of S…
Fun at a Buffet
On Free Beer & Hot Wings this morning they played one of Producer Joe's gorilla comedy stunts. They sent him to a Chinese buffet to cause trouble, but this gives me an idea.
Radio DJ Agrees To Eat Dog Food For Facebook Likes
Happy Hump Day! I'm pimping out my lovely body, and taste buds, for Zuckerberg and his 'thumbs up' social networking beast of a website. No, you did not read that wrong. Me and my buddy Jake have decided that the importance of our Facebook page reaching a milestone of 20,000 likes is …

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