Manifest Destiny 2
As if you did not hear about this by now, NASA has discovered 7 Earth-like planets orbiting a star 39 light years away and I've got a plan.
How To Celebrate Earth Day (Video NSFW)
Happy Earth Day, today we celebrate Earth, Howe Cavrens is kind of celebrating by opening caves that have been closed 100 years, as a extension to the original tour. Like a Spin-Off not a Reboot.
San Francisco Earthquake Creates Skate Park [PHOTOS]
There are not a lot of positive things that come from an earthquake. Over the weekend, San Francisco suffered a very serious one and some people were able to find a great way to cope with the devastation. When life gives you earthquakes you can either duck and cover under a desk or you can hit the s…
Asteroid 2005 YU55 Is Hurling Towards Earth
Will today be Armageddon?  Were the Mayans off by one year?  Did Harold Camping miscalculate doomsday?  Will Bruce Willis need to come to the rescue? Today around 6:28 EST a space rock the size of an aircraft carrier traveling at 30,000 mph will travel between the Earth and the Moon.