Albany Area Cabs To Call On St. Patrick’s Day
Merry St. Patrick's Day!! While most of us are back to work and wishing we never partook in St. Patty's Day weekend debauchery there are a select few who are getting down today. Keep in mind, po-po be looking for you!
Beer Bus In Albany Is Awesome News For Pub Crawlers
The hardest part about staying out all night drinking is navigating your car home without parking it in someone’s living room. Also driving under the influence is dangerous, illegal and highly irresponsible.  Thankfully for the bar lovers in Albany, NY this is no longer an obsta…
Man Steals Limo Full Of Women In Saratoga
Tyler Bellick of Schenectady is what I would call an opportunist. You see an opportunity to increase the number of women you have from 0 to a limo full, you take it! Increasing the amount of women you have stockpiled in a stolen limo only helps your odds of getting laid or finding true love that nig…
Two Rotterdam Drunk Drivers Go Boom, Into Each Other

How often do you read a title like that? Normally, some drunk fool runs into an innocent person who was just out running errands. Nope, not in this case, not at all. In fact, this story is somewhat comical. I know what you're going to say: Two people were hurt, how is that comical? Look it, drinking…

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