Netflix Scraps Idea for Qwikster DVD-by-Mail Service
Netflix has been doing so much backpedaling lately, it’s surprising the company hasn’t adopted a bicycle for its logo.
In the most recent reversal, Netflix announced Monday that it’s scrapping a plan to split its streaming and DVD-by-mail services into two different companies and would instead keep b…
Def Leppard Releases New Album and Talks Tour Stories
Def Leppard is releasing it's first ever live album today called 'Mirrorball'.  A two disc and DVD set captures the bands live concert experience and features all the classic songs.  Guitarist Phil Collen also shares some crazy tour stories too.
Ozzy DVD Preview [VIDEO]
We reported a couple weeks ago that Ozzy would be doing a special reissue of Blizzard of Ozz this May and along with that a special DVD.  The DVD is an awesome look at Ozzy's career and it's called Thirty Years After The Blizzard.  In this clip Ozzy talks about how his career got…