dumb criminals

Druck Man Rides Crocodile, Survives
Stupid is as drunk does I guess. An Australian man drunkenly attempts riding a crocodile - because you know, it seemed like the cool thing to do. Somehow, the guy survives to tell what might be the dumbest, yet craziest, drunken story ever.
Criminal Ask Judge for “One More Joint”
There is something to be said for an idiot who is high and Damaine Mitchell found out the hard way how to land yourself in the slammer with more time - by asking the judge for "one more joint" before being incarcerated.
Weed Dealer Raises Green For Sandy Victims
Who says Potheads aren't community oriented? A weed dealer in Brooklyn, NY saw the devastation caused by Super-storm Sandy and decided to help, by having a weed sale with the proceeds being donated to the victims.
Dude Popped for DUI Twice in One Night, At Same Time
Is it possible to get busted for to two DUIs in one night? Yes, I read stories all the time about people getting released and then busted hours later. This guy though did the ultimate in DUI arrest stories; he got busted twice in one night at the same exact time.
Man Exposes Himself to Blind Woman
Maybe he thought he could get away with it if nobody saw him do it. One problem though, not everybody at the bookstore for the blind is actually blind. Last week in Philadelphia a man walked into a bookstore whipped out his junk, then ran away. The woman he showed was unfortunately or fortunately w…