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Jailbreak Foiled By Beer Gut
A jailbreak in Brazil was ruined all because the belly of the prisoner trying to escape was too large. 28 year old Rafael Valadao and a cellmate created a hole in their cell with a shower rod. The cellmate made it out because he was skinny enough to fit through the hole. Rafael wasn&a…
Given Wrong Order, Guy Goes on Hulk-Smashing Rampage
We've all been to a fast food restaurant and given the wrong order. How have you reacted? Were you angry? Did you go back and get the right order? Did you destory the eating area? One guy from Pennsylvania did the latter and now he faces jail time.
Thief Caught Because of Facebook
When it comes to social media, seems like people want to post every little mundane fact about themselves in hopes of the world will give a crap about it. There are times where it can help and become important; like when thieves post about their exploits only to be caught because of doing so. This ca…
How To Pee Off A Cop – Pee On His Car
When and if you get pulled over by a cop, it's never a good thing. Doesn't matter if you were speeding or in your mind "doing nothing wrong". So when the cop ask you to step out of your car, it's best to do and to go along with whatever he ask. Roger Alvin, on the ot…
Perve to Cops “I’m Almost Done”
Take a multi-time registered sex offender, put him in a stair case, and let the good times roll. Well, the cops tried to stop him but he replied with "I'm almost done". Yeah, that didn't sit well.

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