dumb criminals

Drunken Jerk Drops Pants, Spanks Off, Sings for Police
Across the bayou, it is not difficult to find a crossbreed of stark-raving mad drunkards and dive bar sideshows aggressively humping the legs off civil society. Unfortunately, when there is nothing civilized left for these gutter fiends to devour besides the skin in between their teeth, the only hop…
Drunk Woman Picks Fight, Punches Baby
Ever been so drunk you tried to pick a fight with someone? Jessica Diaz did just that, except she picked a fight with a woman holding a baby. Words were exchanged and then things get a bit crazy.
Man Arrested For Drunk Riding Horse
I've heard of some stupid things to get busted for being drunk on - lawn mowers, go-karts, electric wheel chairs, etc - but never have I seen "drunk on a horse" before.
Mr. Charles Cowart has the mighty honors of being a first entraint in the "White Trash Theater&q…
Man Arrested For Barking At Police Dog
Of course this story comes from my home state of Ohio. Then again, I'm used to stupidity from my fellow Ohioans - It's nothing new and if you are from there, you know what I mean.
Coming straight outta Kettering, a 22-year-old was arrested for doing the most gangster thing he could thi…

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