A Skrillex Christmas Light Show [Video]
We've seen the videos over the years of houses with a Christmas light displays set to music featuring the likes of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Marilyn Manson, etc.  We can now welcome Skrillex to the group.
Jonathan Davis Releases Details On His Newest Upcoming Solo EP
It's not rare that a member of a band will venture out on his or her own and start a side project band, or even a side solo project. It happens quite often in the rock, metal and dubstep world, which is good for us because it gives talented musicians to showcase what they can do even more. That is t…
The Coolest Juggling Ever [VIDEO]
It's really hard to throw juggling and cool in the same sentence, but this time it fits.  This guy combines juggling and Dubstep music.  If there was ever a circus mixed with a rave you can bet that this guy would be a performer.
Korn’s Dubstep Album Progress
Earlier this year, Korn had released "Get Up" to the public after remixing the song with DJ Skrillex. Skrillex has also done other successful dubstep mixes with artists such as Rob Zombie, The Black Eyed Peas, and even Lady Gaga. If you haven't heard "Get Up,"…